Details Make The Difference
Building Homes Since 1970

We are a leading manufacturing company building high quality modular homes with the right amount of flexibility and range
to meet customer needs and maintain production capacity. Established in Aurora, Nebraska by Chief Industries in 1970,
we deliver homes throughout the central and Rocky Mountain western states of the U.S.

Chief Industries has been a family-owned, service-oriented manufacturer since we opened our doors in 1954.
From humble beginnings to a diverse, global corporation featuring 7 brands, we’re proud to help communities thrive and engineer relationships.

Trusted. Tested. True.
Our mission is to provide unparalleled personal attention to meeting the needs of our customers
while treating all stakeholders with dignity and respect, thereby ensuring our strength and stability.

Regional Network of Builders

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We offer 3 levels of homes to choose from. All are built using our high standards and quality.

BonnaVilla® strives to offer a wide range of high quality homes with a large selection of options. This is made possible by our qualified employees, a strong and diverse parent company, and our growing resources and technology.

Please complete a request for information to connect with a BonnaVilla modular builder in your area.

Details Make The Difference

We specialize in customizing single-family home plans to meet a customer’s specific design requirements, but we also build multi-family homes and commercial projects. We offer modular floor plans ranging in design, layout, and square footage. In addition, we have a large variety of optional details like cape-cod style roofs, exterior choices, interior finishes, customizable bathroom and kitchen layouts, and many different feature options that will accentuate any lifestyle. If you’re looking for affordability, efficiency and durability, but don’t want to sacrifice quality, then customize your new home with BonnaVilla – where the details really do make a difference!

The Power of Modular

Modular homes are more like hybrid homes, with the pricing of a pre-built home but the flexibility that comes with building a home from the ground up.

Keeping everything in one place minimizes the costs of transportation and delays. We can also use equipment not available to most builder to ensure higher quality at a similar or lower cost.
This allows us to offer reasonable prices while maintaining a wide range of design options for the home you want.

What is Modular?

The words modular, pre-fab, off-site constructed or manufactured can be confusing. Homeowners, developers and traditional builders often imagine a single-wide trailer on wheels. 

But “modular” just means put together with building blocks.

BonnaVilla builds modular homes that are, in fact, more durable and complete than the average home. And they look nothing like a “trailer”.

Compared to Site Built Homes

We believe in creating a durable home.

Homes made within our warehouses undergo constant inspections. With all of our materials and teams within the same vicinity, we can focus on quality without the pressure that causes most homebuilders to rush completion and make mistakes. Our warehouses also protect our homes from the weather.

Limited quality checks, rushing, and exposure to the elements are often the cause of flaws and damage which can easily go unnoticed until months later when problems develop.