Reality Tours

BonnaVilla® strives to offer a wide range of high quality homes with a large
selection of options. This is made possible only by qualified people, a strong
and diverse parent company and continuous improvement.

Hemlock – Husker Harvest Days 2022

Maple – State Fair 2022

2826 Krejeci Blvd

Hanover (Husker Harvest Days) 2021

Harvard (NE State Fair) 2021

KIMBALL (Liechty) 2021

GOLDRUN (Eagle Crest) 2021

SYCAMORE (Eagle Crest) 2020

BEECH (Eagle Crest) 2020

HAWTHORNE (Eagle Crest) 2020

CEDAR (Eagle Crest) 2020

HAWTHORNE (NE State Fair) 2023

SYCAMORE (Husker Harvest) 2023

Almond – Eagle Crest Homes

Chestnut – River Bluff Custom Homes

Evergreen – Eagle Crest Homes

Glenwood – Eagle Crest Homes

Glenwood – Midwest Homes

Hazel – River Bluff Custom Homes

Ironwood – River Bluff Custom Homes

Sequoia – Southside Home Center

The Goldrush – River Bluff Custom Homes

Weekender – Clayton Homes